Why does the plate have 4 sections? 

The plate illustrates 4 of the 5 food groups (grains, proteins, vegetables & fruit, along with your glass of milk as the 5th food group). This provides your child with a healthy and nutritional meal. 


Why is the fruit section a removable section? 

The fruit section is removable to allow you to warm the food while keeping your fruit cold. Simply remove the fruit section, place the plate in the microwave, re-insert the fruit section and serve the meal to your child.  


Are the plates BPA Free? 

Yes all the plates are BPA Free. 


Are the plates reusable? 

Yes all parts are reusable. 


Are the plates dishwasher safe?

The plates are dishwaser safe - top rack only. 


Are the plates microwave safe? 

Yes the plate is microwave safe - please check temperature of food prior to serving. 


Are the plates recyclable? 

Yes all parts are recyclable. 


Tracking Information

For sku # X0023VING3 & # X0021AII6L the manufacturer is Nalaire, LLC.  

The location and date of production is: 2018-05-17, Zhongshan City, Guandong, China.

Model # W880104-8

Batch # WM89034